Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Sandals with pantyhose... Seems to me a strange and unfashionable choice. But then again, interesting enough to capture and share with you visitors. And between you and me, despite the young lady's apparent bad taste she had quite elegant feet. I especially liked the upturned big toe.


Cazador 123 said...

In deed for me its GREAT, WONDERFUL, I love this kind of pics, i have a lot a lot of pantyhose and feet, BUT IN DEED I LOVE PANTYHOSE AND FLIP FLOPS.
If you wish let´s make a team, and let´s share images each other.
Most my pics are candid it means down the street, stores, and so forth.
If you have more pantyhose and flip flops, share with me, and i will share pics like you love.
please e-mail me at

Anonymous said...

I loved it. It really highlighted her pantyhose.

Deusarino de Melo said...

Iloved ot too much. I'm a lover-feet and lover-stockings and socks. I feel all emotions ahen I see a woman using pantyhose or stockings. Womnderful!!!


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